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An artist in every sense of the word, G-Blakk  has been writing rhymes and creating music since the age of 14. Hailing from Akron, Ohio, home of LeBron James, G-Blakk's music speaks to the harsh realities of his community while maintaining a motivational and inspirational outlook. In pursuit of his dream to share his music with the masses, Blakk has put together an extensive catalog ranging from his critically acclaimed debut album "Blakk Planet" to his most recent LP "Black Until Proven Otherwise." He is currently in the studio working on his tenth studio album "Blakk Flag", the lead single "Promised Land" is now streaming on all platforms.

"Promised Land was the first song I wrote when I landed on the concept for my tenth album Blakk Flag. The song speaks on the position that so-called black people in America find ourselves in, and  touches on the specifics of how this situation came to be."


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