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Amy Brown


Production Director, Operations, G.B.A

A bit quiet and always observant, Amy is always learning, teaching, growing and evolving. She thinks outside the box in most situations, mainly because she’s claustrophobic and would never last a day in prison. Being free spirited and eclectic gives her the ability to relate to some part of everyone she meets. Mother of two, step mother of two more and foster parent to yet another. Work wise she’s held positions ranging from artist, photographer, designer, massotherapist, banker, and manager. She owns and operates her own construction and contracting company. She has an Associates degree in Applied Sciences. Is an avid collector of antiques and oddities. All this earning her the title of “GBA”. Although you’ll never hear her refer to herself as such. With the little free time that she does have you’ll find her napping and eating homemade, undercooked brownies; because she prefers them that way.

"Your life is made of two dates and a dash. Make the most of the dash."     -Linda Ellis

Thee Roundtable

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